Zentrys site selection guide : Eemshaven (the Netherlands)

Zentrys believes in niche data center locations that offer extreme unique selling points compared to other locations. One of these locations is Eemshaven (the Netherlands) where our team is active since 2006. Since the beginning the team was closely involved in the re-zoning of over 100 hectares of land to create an answer to current data center market demands that require direct availiability.

The Eemshaven is a seaport located in the north of the Netherlands, approximately 200km from Amsterdam. The seaport was built on reclaimed land in 1973 to stimulate the economical activities in the region. The strong vision on energy created a landscape that has attracted several power producers, varying from natural gas and coal plants up to wind turbines. The total capacity per 20016 counts over 8,000 MW.

What makes the Eemshaven unique for data center site selection compared with others is the combination between energy, location, risks, climate, specs and TCO:

1. Energy:

Due to the number of suppliers, the short distances and the Dutch grid quality the reliability of the energy in the area is high.

2. Location:

Amsterdam: 220 KM
London: 500 KM
Frankfurt: 500 KM
Hamburg: 300 KM
Paris: 680 KM
Warsaw: 1.000 KM

 3. Risks:

The Eemshaven is a low risk area as the flooding risk is low compared to the rest of the Netherlands, there are no hazards in the near surroundings that could affect availability and there is enough space available to ensure physical security.

4. Climate:

The climate in the Netherlands suits climate attractive cooking solutions.

5. Specs:

The zoning and the other specs suit data center activities smoothly. Therefore it is possible to built an entire datacenter within 12 months.

6. TCO:
Due to the local prices, scalability, availability of qualified staff, tax regime etc. the total cost of ownership of leasing or developing a data center in Eemshaven are lower compared to similar locations.

Zentrys offers several solutions for data center capacity in the Eemshaven and the Eemshaven region (province of Groningen), varying from 10 to 100,000 sqm. Interested in more information? Please contact us via info@zentrys.com or 0031 85 488 1288.