Designing a data center is an art. It requires insight, experience and creativity. The infrastructure of a well-functioning data center is seemingly simple. A simple design limits the complexity of the infrastructure, and therefore also the risk of (human) errors. However, designing such an infrastructure is easier said than done. A ‘simple’ data center means everything from an efficient arrangement of the server racks to easily identifiable cables.

A data center must also be energy efficient. Sustainable energy use not only has a positive effect on the environment, but also on operating costs. This imposes further requirements on the design of a data center, from cold corridors to the use of residual heat.

Zentrys has years of experience in designing data centers. We have an extensive database with designs for locations of any size. It goes without saying that we’ll adjust any and every design to fit your particular wishes and needs. In addition, we have a unique combination of expertise within our team, from real estate to security. No matter the design challenge, Zentrys has the solution.


Developing a good data center design requires a wide range of expertise. From relevant architectural knowledge on materials to the right technical competencies for the construction of an efficient cooling system. Zentrys takes care of everything, from the architectural drawing to the data center’s completion.

For us operational excellence consists of two components: the right technology and the right expertise. Zentrys develops data centers with a clear infrastructure. In both design and development, we let ourselves be guided by technology. We not only ensure energy efficiency, but also minimise the risk of human error. With the aim of keeping operational costs low and preventing downtime.

In addition to the right technology, our team also has the right expertise. Our real estate experts will advise on the building project, oversee the construction and ensure that your real estate is compliant with relevant legislation. Our technical experts provide suitable hardware, redundant connections and the right cooling technology. Our security specialists furthermore provide your data center with protection against online and offline threats.


Zentrys is a recognized authority in the field of white-label data centers. We manage more than 100,000 square meters of ‘white space’ throughout Europe. This makes Zentrys one of the world’s largest white-label data center operators. Thanks to our standardized procedures, our portfolio can easily be expanded, without the slightest loss in the quality of our services.

As operators we ensure that the chance for human error is kept to a minimum. After all, human failure is the most important source of downtime. In our white-label data centers our attention is therefore focused on clear management and straightforward procedures, preventing misunderstandings and mistakes.

Zentrys offers a wide range of services. From drawing up a business plan to the complete management of your data center. Below you will find a complete overview:


An organization’s critical infrastructure is only as strong as its weakest link. Faulty installations, human errors or energy shortages can bring that infrastructure to a grinding halt, with all due consequences. It’s therefore important to seek the right advice when designing, constructing or managing your data center. Zentrys is ready to help. We offer you honest advice and can assist you in making the right decision.

Thanks to our expertise in the fields of electricity, cooling, control technology, networks and architecture, we can improve the reliability of your data center and prevent errors. Zentrys can not only be called in for new buildings, but also for running projects and existing data centers. We offer second opinions, energy scans, marketing support and advice on compliancy (ISO/SOC/PCI). All to ensure that your data center remains online and available at all times.