Multi-tenant data centers (colocation)

Data centers are at the center of the digital world. Whether its cloud solutions for businesses or binge watching your favorite series on Netflix: almost everyone uses data centers. Our daily lives depend on the smooth operation of data centers. As data centers are complex technical facilities, the right expertise, know-how and innovations are critical to data centers. Zentrys knows better than anyone how to design, maintain and operate data centers.

The Zentrys team has a combined 200 years of experience in building and operating data centers for colocation providers. Our team consists of experts that have all the necessary expertise (Power, Cooling, Engineering, Building Security, Building Management and Quality Management). Because of this, we are able to design, construct and operate almost any solution without the help of third parties.

Next to the construction of data centers from scratch, we also specialize in data center refresh. We upgrade existing data centers (10+ years) to enable tenants and/or owners to benefit from the latest data center technologies and innovations. Thanks to our years of experience, Zentrys is able to quickly build efficient solutions in live environments.

Hybrid / Hyperscale data centers

Zentrys has also specialized in hyperscale data centers. This type of data center is usually designed with a single customer in mind and has a standardized design. Our hyperscale customers rely on Zentrys to efficiently and reliably furnish their data centers.

Given the size of hyperscale data centers, a large amount of components needs to be installed, while the diversity of components is relatively small. Our short lines of communication with customers (whom often also owns the data center), give operations a different dimension.

Enterprise data centers

Enterprises often are still exploring which strategy is most fitting for them. Both technical options (replacements, operations, ownership, sale leaseback) and the virtual strategy (cloud, managed hosting, on premise) are important considerations when defining an overarching strategy. Zentrys offers technical support by taking over operational activities and execute projects.

Public sector data centers

Governments, healthcare organizations and educational institutions often rely on their own data centers or computing center. Due to changing requirements of manufacturers and tighter regulations concerning security, privacy, power capacity and cooling capacity, the data center is subject to changes. Zentrys is closely collaborating with public sector partners to maintain (operations), upgrade of newly build their data center portfolio.