Zentrys betrokken bij de aankoop van Duits datacenter Ensono

Zentrys involved in the acquisition of German data center Ensono

Penta Infra has bought the data center at Düsseldorf from the American ICT service provider Ensono. The data center is the Citibank’s former computer center
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Zentrys at the Kickstart Europe 2020 event

Zentrys is present as a Silver Partner with a stand at the KickStart Europe 2020 event on 27 and 28 January in Amsterdam! Here is
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2 months ago
Maandag is Mariella begonnen ter versterking op onze financiële afdeling. Welkom nieuwe Zentrysiaan!
3 months ago
Zentrys blijft groeien.
Gister is Dennis begonnen als Field Engineer in ons datacenter in Groningen. Uiteraard heeft ook hij een welkomspakketje gehad. Welkom Dennis!

#zentryslivestream https://t.co/aJnIlzxIFI
Zentrysdc photo
6 months ago
Trots op onze Zentrysianen. Dit laten we graag blijken met een hart onder de riem #zentryslivestream https://t.co/x0FWcCYf1o Zentrysdc photo
8 months ago
Today not 1, not 2 but 3 new Zentrysians joined our team! Vincent as Field Engineer, Rogier as Facility Engineer and Koen as our first Intern!

Do you want to work at Zentrys too? Check our website and see what vacancies we have or just send us a message!

#zentryslivestream https://t.co/XqZFeTnMAu
Zentrysdc photo
8 months ago
Zentrys is ready for the KickStart Event 2020 in Amsterdam! #zentryslivestream https://t.co/ABXo1JYBfW Zentrysdc photo

Zentrys expands AMS office

Zentrys is happy to announde a further expansion of its Dutch head quarter to serve the growing demand of both Colo- and hyperscale- customers in
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Zentrys opens Dublin office

Zentrys opens office in Dublin  Per april 2017 Zentrys opens a Dublin office. The ongoing requests for (white label) data center management, managed services, design
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Zentrys present at Datacloud 2017

After missing the last year’s event because of a few project starts in the same week we are back again in Monaco this year from
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Zentrys is present at Datacloud Monaco

June 2-4 Zentrys will be present at Datacloud Monaco. Please feel free to plan a meeting on our boat in the Port of Monaco to
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Zentrys keynotes during summer

In 2015 we are living in a sharing community. We are using Uber for sharing our cars, Airbnb for sharing our homes and Peerby for
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Zentrys site selection guide : Eemshaven (the Netherlands)

Zentrys believes in niche data center locations that offer extreme unique selling points compared to other locations. One of these locations is Eemshaven (the Netherlands)
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NEN introduces Pratical Guideline data centers

After five years of work the NEN has published the Dutch Practical Guidelines (NPR) for data centers and IT rooms. The guideline describes how to
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New home for Zentrys

Zentrys has moved their home to the “Energieweg” in Groningen, the Netherlands. The new location offers incubator potential as several suppliers of data center equipment
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