The Zentrys ABC

Ambitious, Brave and Creative: that’s Zentrys. Ambitious in our unique combination of expertise and skills, and in our focus on sustainability. Brave in our decisive data centre management and our honest advice to clients. Creative in our fresh view of data centres and our custom solutions that always answer the needs of the client, no matter how big the challenge. Whether it concerns design, development, management or advice: we are 100% data centre professionals. With us, your mission-critical infrastructure is in good hands. And this has been the case for more than ten years, in the Netherlands and abroad.

Who is Zentrys?

The founders of Zentrys spent years at a co-location provider. For over a decade they helped the provider design, build and maintain data centers across Europe. Before long requests from beyond Europe started flooding in, from Iceland to South-Africa.

This growing demand laid the foundations for Zentrys. In 2012, Zentrys was founded, with the former employer as the first client. Zentrys took over the entire development and operations departments, and managed to attract a number of experienced data center professionals. Shortly after, the brand-new company was taking on clients in the Netherlands, Ireland and Germany.

Almost ten years later, Zentrys has blossomed into a fully-fledged data center expert. With more than thirty employees – each with their own specialism – Zentrys covers the entire data center life cycle. From new design to refurbishment: Zentrys is at your service.

Why Zentrys?

Everything will be critical.

Companies close their doors when the internet fails. Hospitals run into serious trouble without patient data. Emergency services are inaccessible in the event of a malfunction. As the often invisible service under IT, data centers form the foundation for the applications and services that we use on a daily basis. A reliable and always available data center is therefore no longer optional: it’s part of every organisation’s critical infrastructure.

This critical role of data centers will not change in the future, far from it in fact. From Internet of Things to augmented reality and from robotization to blockchain technology: data controls the future. In the coming decades, our society will become ever more dependent on data, and therefore also on data centers. With the increase in data-based services, the expectations of citizens and customers are following suit. Constant and infinite availability of services and data is increasingly the norm. Data centers ensure continuous availability by providing power, cooling, a well-designed building, security services and connectivity. This increases the security of supply of a given application.

At Zentrys we are keenly aware of the crucial importance of well-functioning data centers for your organisation. We are a recognized specialist in the design, development and management of reliable data centers. Zentrys draws up the plans, chooses the right equipment, oversees the installation and takes care of maintenance. This combination of expertise makes us a valuable partner for your data center issues, from initial concept to long-term maintenance.

Our expertise is based on our passionate professionals. They combine up-to-date insights with years of experience; new technology with tried and tested procedures. Everything to prevent the failure of data centers. Human intervention remains the weakest link in data centers. That is why we provide continuous training and coaching for our employees, ensuring that your infrastructure is always reliable.

Sustainability is just as important as reliability. We owe it to future generations to use our energy resources sparingly. It’s motivated us to become an expert in energy efficiency. We not only provide efficient data centers, but also incorporate alternative energy sources and reuse of energy in our designs.

Our passion for sustainability goes hand in hand with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. We understand the need for flexible action in the digital economy. That is why Zentrys works with small units per project, region or country. This enables us to respond quickly to the wishes of our clients and to keep costs low, without sacrificing the quality of our services.